Healthy Life Forum Releases Business Programme Architecture

10 January 2022

The Healthy Life Forum has posted the business programme architecture on its official website. The Forum will take place on 16 February 2022, on the opening day of the Russian Investment Forum, at the Sirius Park of Science and Art. The main theme of the event is ‘Implementing the National Development Goals: New Challenges for Healthcare’.

The Forum’s business agenda will focus on ways to improve the medical care system, develop medical science, and introduce advanced innovations in healthcare. Participants in the plenary session ‘Drivers of Healthcare Development: The Pandemic, Technologies, and National Goals’ will discuss the achievement of Russia’s national goals and the use of new technologies in medicine during the pandemic.

The expert sessions will feature a discussion of what opportunities digital technologies, including the use of artificial intelligence, create for developing the healthcare industry.

The business agenda will also include such issues as combating infectious and noncommunicable diseases, preventive vaccination, boosting public confidence in the healthcare system in the context of the current global challenges, and improvements to the models used to purchase drugs with high therapeutic value.

The thematic pillar ‘Healthcare during and after the pandemic’ will include the following sessions:Pandemic 2.0: what’s next?’, ‘Long COVID: time for a fast response’, and ‘Open healthcare: how to build communication between the state and society’.“Today, healthcare is on the verge of transitioning to a whole new level. This is largely dictated by the development of medical science and the introduction of innovative solutions and developments. We face ambitious tasks on which the wellbeing of our citizens and the quality and duration of Russians’ lives depend. I am certain that the expert community’s work during the Healthy Life Forum will have great practical importance and significantly contribute to the development of the healthcare industry,” Adviser to the Russian President Anton Kobyakov said.

The thematic pillar ‘Investment and innovation for quality of life’ will deal with a wide range of issues related to the introduction of new technologies in medicine, the opportunities and risks posed by digital medicine, and investing in health as a factor for economic development.

During the thematic pillar ‘On the way to achieving the national development targets’, experts will discuss the implementation of Russia’s national projects and the achievement of the goals that have been set. Particular attention will be paid to the fight against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the following discussions will take place: ‘Women’s health for a prosperous future’ and ‘Healthcare managers: are they born leaders or do they become them?’

More details are available on the Healthy Life Forum’s official website:

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